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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] FW: Using FTP files within projects

you can do this with TM 2.0 (pick up a recent release candidate), which
requires a recent Eclipse 3.3 build, and the EFS integration which comes
with these versions.
Create your FTP connection in RSE,
then in the Eclipse Workspace do  
  File > New Folder > Advanced > Link to Folder in File System >
     Deselect default location > Pick RSE Filesystem > Browse to remote location.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] FW: Using FTP files within projects



We would like to use the RSE plugin and to work on FTP files from within an eclipse project.

It seems that your plugin works great as an external integration tool with remote files, but what we are looking for

is to add a remote file (NOT COPY BUT A REAL LIVE LINK) and to be able also to Edit,Debug,Save,Delete,Add new file

and to perform all these actions from the project.


I tried to create a link from an eclipse project to the ‘RemoteSystemsTempFiles’ project content and it worked nice, but it is

certainly not an elegant way to work…

How can the RSE plugin provide a solution to our problem ?

What is your plan in terms of features (in the context of what I wrote above) ?





Zend Developer

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