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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] TM build I20070406-0930: GO/NO-GO requested

I've tried on Linux, but don't see the problem. Is your server updated?

I followed Martin's steps:

* Create new dstore connection
* Expand filter (implicit connect); store user-id but not password -->
works OK
* Select Files subsystem, Disconnect --> Disconnects all ?!?
* Select Connection, Right-click > Connect --> Get asked for password
* Expand the "My Home" filter --> HANGS

Are you following the same steps or something a bit different?


Kushal Munir
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I'm running into bug 180994 again.

Can someone verify on Linux or Windows?

-- Dave

On Apr 6, 2007, at 8:56 AM, Martin Oberhuber wrote:

> Dear testers and committers,
> TM build I20070406-0930 is available:
> If you are downloading through ssh with the test scripts,
> you should be able to get it already. HTTP downloads should
> also work, but the update site will not be stable for the next
> 10 minutes or so.
> From releng perspective, this is our final candidate for TM 2.0M6,
> except for build notes updating. Please be sure to grab this build,
> test it and give your GO/NO-GO on the mailing list. Please test
> especially the latest changes, and VERIFY hi-priority fixes. The
> Wiki has all the information you need:
> I need especially one tester check RSE EFS when installed
> from the update site, who could do that?
> All: I'd like your GO/NO-GO by 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST
> which is in two hours.
> Thanks,
> --
> Martin Oberhuber
> Wind River Systems, Inc.
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