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[dsdp-tm-dev] I-Build schedule

Now that we've put M5 out I believe it is time to have a firm I-Build
schedule. IBM's internal builds that absorb RSE are done on Thursdays with
respins on Fridays so I'd like to propose that we do I-Builds sometime
around 0900 UTC on Thursdays with a respin at 0900 UTC on Friday if
necessary. These builds should be sanity tested. Changes should be
stabilized prior to the build, only complete changes accepted, and an
i-build version boundary established in CVS.

I'd also like to propose that our M6 final candidate (due on Friday April
6) be available on the same schedule - that is the final respin build would
be available no later than 0900 UTC on Friday April 6. This implies that we
do some substantial testing on candidates prior to that. I propose we adopt
our I20070329 build as our first M6 candidate and produce candidates each
morning at 0900 UTC until April 5. April 5 should be our last build with
the respin on Friday being for emergencies only.

Our M7 schedule should be similar, but note that we are freezing API,
externalized strings, and user documentation with M6 so that we can
translate in time for release.

This puts a burden on all of us to have all the API and plan items finished
by March 29. M7 becomes a "fixes-only" milestone.

David Dykstal

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