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[dsdp-tm-dev] TM 2.0: Thanks and Upcoming Tasks

Dear Committers,

since I had to move today's committer meeting and 
thus there will be another day before we can talk
to each other, I wanted to take the opportunity
and give you all a big hands for 2.0M5 via E-Mail.

We've had an exciting week last week, since many
required changes for 2.0M5 came in late, so we had
to deal with a few hickups and fix them quickly.
But each of you did an amazing job, finishing off
what I think is the best RSE we've ever had!

* DaveD fixed the user's guide display problems
  really quickly, even from vacation in Florida,
  and these fixes looked like a lot of effort

* DaveM did - once again - an amazing job analyzing
  and fixing critical issues all across RSE, thus
  being our key contributor towards actually holding
  the schedule

* Kushal was the one who finished our first 2.0 plan
  item by delivering Encoding support in good quality,
  with only one issue detected late; and, he worked
  late after hours to make big progress on EFS

* Javier did a great job with testing and reporting
  issues, staying on track until the FTP passive 
  mode issue was finally fixed

* Uwe delivered and fixed all issues with the 
  newConnectionWizard really fast

* Michael made some Terminal fixes really fast

Over all, each of you folks worked focused, with 
excellent team spirit, and dedication. Compared to
our last release, many more bugs were fixed and we
had to reopen almost none. THANKS to you all!

But time doesn't stand still and there's still a
lot to do towards 2.0 so let's get dirty and continue
working on the hi-priority "big rocks" towards M6.
Once again, getting our API things done will be the
highest priority:

- DaveD will work on UI/Non-UI separation 
- DaveM needs to work on EclipseCon tutorial, 
  making more stuff "internal", and cleaning up 
  FileServiceSubsystem to use the new IContextObject
- Kushal needs to continue working on EFS
- Javier needs to continue working on improved
- Michael will continue working on Terminal performance
- Uwe will retract from Open Source a bit in order
  to work on Action Support

The details we'll discuss tomorrow, when we'll celebrate
another successful milestone.

cu then,
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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