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[dsdp-tm-dev] Installing 2.0M5


I have been trying to install 2.0M5 and have encountered an issue that
I'm not sure how to resolve.  When I try to install the RSE SSH
services, I get an error:

RSE SSH Services (2.0.0.v20070223------3YIAAcAIIH) requires feature
"org.eclipse.cvs (1.0.0)", or later version.

This worked fine with the previous release.  I tried searching for
org.eclipse.cvs on all of the standard eclipse update sites and could
not find it.  I attempted to install through both Eclipse 3.2.2 and
3.3M4 with the same results.  In looking at the dependencies of the last
release, I noticed that was required.  Should
org.eclipse.cvs be, or am I missing something?
Where can I find this plugin?

Thanks in advance,


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