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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: TM 2.0M5 Testing: daily bulletin

Hi all,

we've all been very busy yesterday: The number of bugs 
uncovered during testing increased to 51 bugs, and at
least 15 fixes were included in the new test candidate
for today.

For today's testing, see
again. It has a link to the new test candidate, as 
well as a list of known issues I found. 

Over all, the candidate is better than yesterday but
still a no-go for M5 because I discovered two P1 bugs
that needs to be addressed immediately. The candidate
is still good for testing though, both from the update
site and the download site.

Priorities for today are:
1. Fix the P1 and P2 M5-assigned bugs as soon as possible,
   so that a new test candidate can be built. Do NOT
   work on lower priority bugs since we need all our time.
2. Do another complete Sanity Test on the Test candidate,
   on your platform (host X target combination). Work through
   and test any other functionality that's not been tested yet.
3. VERIFY the hi-priority bug fixes that went into M5.
   I'm not splitting up the bugs to be verified, please
   take from the query mentioned below what you think
   you can verify; change the status soon and refresh
   the query often to ensure we don't do duplicate work.

There is a new query at the bottom of the testing page
which helps identify the candidates to test and verify:
It's labelled "P1, P2, Critical and Major bugs modified"
and it's the first one on

Since our release is due tomorrow, please REVIEW and TEST
any code changes you're making today. Do peer reviews if
possible. I'm not going to accept any checkins today 
except for the following:
- P1 or P2 bug fixes
- Documentation fixes
- Unit Tests
- EFS fixes from Kushal.

If there are any questions, let's communicate on the 
mailing list.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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