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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] Is the concept of creation new connection from within the view still needed?

Hi Uwe,

This was originally added  due to requests from IBM's customers. We have
many users who are moving to an IDE from the green screen terminal
emulation world. The problem they had, when RSE came up for the first time,
was to find a way to create a new connection. Many of them did not think to
click on the view icon or try File > New as they were new to an IDE (and,
in fact, in some cases to Windows applications in general). This New
Connection prompt seemed to be the most obvious way for them to get started
creating a new connection.

Since this is not standard Eclipse behaviour, I don't have a problem with
removing this from RSE itself, as long as we provide a way for this to be
added by RSE extenders. I'm all for making our code base as small as
possible, and removing things that are not necessary in RSE itself.

Dave M/Dave D, any thoughts on this?


Kushal Munir
Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
IBM Toronto Lab, 8200 Warden Ave., Markham, ON
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Is there is a way to rid of the code related to the so called
SystemNewConnectionPromptObject? Creation new things _not_ through a
wizard dialog directly from the view is very uncommon for Eclipse. Is it
still necessary to support this? It has quite a few problems this prompt
object (in example not filtering out disabled system types). So if no
one really care, we better get rid of the code instead of having it
laying around as dead body increasing the maintenance nightmare.


Uwe Stieber
Member of Technical Staff
Engineering - Wind River Systems - Austria
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