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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: TM 2.0M5 testing today

The New Wizard Bug was
Uwe Stieber just fixed it, I'm building a new test candidate now.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


From: David McKnight [mailto:dmcknigh@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 4:25 PM
To: Kushal Munir
Cc: Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: RE: TM 2.0M5 testing today

Yeah, this wizard problem could be causing other things and it's pretty nasty.  I'm noticing that every time I try launch a new connection wizard from RSE, a new main page plus the previous main pages are contributed.

David McKnight    
Phone:   905-413-3902 , T/L:  969-3902
Internet: dmcknigh@xxxxxxxxxx
Mail:       D1/140/8200/TOR

Kushal Munir/Toronto/IBM

20/02/2007 10:07 AM

"Oberhuber, Martin" <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
David McKnight/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
RE: TM 2.0M5 testing todayLink

Hi Martin,

Just anyone currently looking at the New Connection wizard problem? I'm seeing some weird behaviour: no profile in profile combo box on second connection.

Is there a bug assigned to someone?


Kushal Munir
Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
IBM Toronto Lab, 8200 Warden Ave., Markham, ON
Phone: (905) 413-3118        Tie-Line: 969-3118
Email: kmunir@xxxxxxxxxx

"Oberhuber, Martin" <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

02/20/2007 08:56 AM

<javier.montalvoorus@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Kushal Munir/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, David McKnight/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, "David Dykstal" <dykstal@xxxxxxx>
"Target Management developer discussions" <dsdp-tm-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "Stieber, Uwe" <Uwe.Stieber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Scharf, Michael" <Michael.Scharf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: TM 2.0M5 testing today

Hi all,

since it looks like we can't get the New Connection
Wizard fixed in time, we'll need to start testing
with yesterday's I-build, taking into account the
following issues:

* Only 1 connection can be created; to create more,
 RSE needs to be quit and re-started.

* Dstore command shell doesn't come up on 1st

All test instructions are at

Please do invest some time into testing today. We
have a bunch of refactorings, API changes and new
features that need to be tested. Especially the
"to be tested" things are important.

For result reports, you can send an E-Mail this time
or use the Wiki links ("Results") that I have prepared
in the test signup table. Please fill in those pages
with a very rough description of what you tested and
your summary ("no issues found", or "not ready for
release"). File bugzilla bugs for the issues you find.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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