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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] I'll be away on course next week

Thanks for letting us know.

Hope you can fix
this week.

I'd also ask you to apply Javier's patch on


Kushal Munir schrieb:


I had tried to sign up for a course some time ago but was put on the
waiting list at the time. I have just now received final confirmation that
I've been admitted to this course. The bad news is that the course is from
Tuesday, Oct 31to Friday, Nov 3, which comes at a rather critical time
since we are releasing end of next week. The good news, however, is that it
is taking place at my workplace so I will be available on Skype throughout
the day. If anything critical arises next week, I should be free to work on
them during the evenings (Eastern Standard Time) if not during the day.
Either way, I'll be able to communicate with the team during the day.

I will also tentatively be away on a business trip on Friday, Nov 10. This
is yet to be confirmed. I'll inform the team when it's confirmed.

I apologise for the short notice.


Kushal Munir
Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
IBM Toronto Lab, 8200 Warden Ave., Markham, ON
Phone: (905) 413-3118        Tie-Line: 969-3118
Email: kmunir@xxxxxxxxxx

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