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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] Re: (dsdp-tm-dev) API change for IRemoteFileSubSystem

On Thursday 19 October 2006 14:52, Kushal Munir wrote:
> Dave,
> Regarding the order of arguments, I think having IProgressMonitor as the
> last argument is consistent with the rest of Eclipse (the methods in
> IResource for example). As to whether we should maky any API changes at
> this point, I think it's very late in the game to be making such changes.
> However, being able to cancel a query is a pretty fundamental thing. What
> if the query is taking a long time? Without this change, users would not be
> able to cancel any query to the host, which in my opinion is a fairly
> serious restriction.
> So my vote is a yes, but we should keep the changes to the absolute minimum
> possible.

I don't know if I am eligible to vote, but here are my 2cents.

As a potential early adopter of RSE (1.0) I would prefer to get a stable API.

Whatever changes need to be done, please do them before releasing 1.0. Don't 
restrict yourself to a minimum set which requires further API changes after 
1.0. That hurts, as most people wait for a 1.0 to show up before they adapt 
(at least they don't expect the API to be stable before the release but 
require it to be (fairly) stable afterwards).

Lothar Werzinger Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
framework & platform architect
Tradescape Inc.
111 West St. John Street, Suite 200
San Jose, Ca 95113
email: lothar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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