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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: Interaction between perspectives.

Ramesh -

many thanks for your request. There are some initiatives in the area of debugger inter-communications, but none is really mature yet.

One problem is that when an event in debugger A should initiate some action in debugger B, you'd typically want to do this with very low latency. Which requires a solution sitting "very close to the target", which typically means vendor-specific non-standard (read: non-eclipse) solutions.

If low latency this is not a requirement, some Eclipse UI based event handling could be the right solution. We thought that the Target Management Project might be the Umbrella defining such events, to be understood by many debuggers that want to communicate. An empty discussion page is available under "Inter-Debugger Communications" from

I'm not sure how far the Device Debugging Project has already progressed to support inter-debugger communications.

Another initiative I know of, is a Java/JNI/gdb debugger integration being investigated by intel. You might be able to meet these folks on the CDT groups.

I'm copying the dsdp-tm-dev, dsdp-dd-dev and cdt-dev mailing lists with this answer. If there is any developer that can help you further, please chime in.


Ramesh Ramaiyer schrieb:
Hi all,
We are working on a SoC with three distinct cores. Each of these cores have their own debuggers. Very soon they live under Eclipse. The expectation from developers is that they should be able to debug the interactions between these cores as well.

This implies that interaction between Perspectives should be possible. Under the current implementation each debugger has its own perspective. An example usecase might be - when a break point is hit on one core, the other two stopping (ASAP). Another might be the ability to place breakpoints on programs running on any of the cores.

In my mind these usecases are similar to, some one stepping through a piece of java code which makes a JNI call. If the JNI is written in C++, is it possible to automatically invoke C++ perspective and switch to that?

I don't know if such a support is already present. Can you point me in the right direction please?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks and regards
Note: I have also placed this question on Eclipse Newcomer group.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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