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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: RSE 1.0 RC1 testing - Test start moved one day

Hello RSE Testers -

first of all, welcome to 3 new testers - Ali Kulakli, Yu-Fen Kuo and 
George A. Papayiannis thanks for joining! Doug Gaff and Martin Gutschelhofer
might also join (tentative, if their time permits). If there are any 
questions, feel free to ask by E-mail the tester group or the dsdp-tm-dev 
mailing list.

As Uwe has already mentioned, we are delaying the official test start
by 1 day in order to sanity test RSE 1.0RC1, and do some bookkeeping
to make sure we get really good test coverage.

While we are waiting for the official test to start, I have two requests.
PLEASE do this today in order to facilitate good coverage for our 
coordinated testing.

1.) Please Review your test assignment
Go to
Edit the Wiki page to select YOUR features to test. Then, put 
your "ok" in the first column.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: While the 1st round of testing was more for
sanity checking obvious issues, this 2nd round of testing should try
to cover every nits and bits of RSE, including functions less frequently
used. We'll be able to do this only if we join forces, and each of us 
tests different features.

DONT BE AFRAID OF EDITING THE WIKI. The 1st round of testing showed
that almost nobody was comfortable editing the Wiki. You cannot
destroy anything, since everything is version controlled! But the 
Wiki is a great collaboration platform. PLEASE DO edit the Wiki, 
and DO make use of the "watch" tab to get notified of any changes.

NEW features particularly important to test:
* FTP connection type
* Remote systems AIX, HP-UX, VMS, MVS, VxWorks (FTP mostly)
* File Encodings (foreign languages)
* Walk through all preferences, widgets, views and dialogs

Features less important since they got good coverage already:
* CDT Remote launch (no change since round 1)
* Verify legal, copyright (we know they are not yet quite what they should)
* Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste (known issues detected in round 1 already)

2.) Please update your bug reporting template
When you joined the first round of testing, you'll already have your
bugzilla bug entry template. Please use it and change "testing round 1"
into "testing round 2", then remember as bookmarkable template again.

New testers, please follow the instructions on
to create YOUR personalized bugzilla bug entry template. There 
is a link for a template from us on the page mentioned.
This was meant to be edited by you, to match YOUR local and
remote system used. Then, please "Mark as Template" in bugzilla 
again and you'll have YOUR customized bug entry template.

Thanks again to everybody joining this effort. Together we'll 
work on great quality!


Stieber, Uwe schrieb:
Hi all,

Martin Oberhuber asked me to pass this message to all assigned testers
of RSE 1.0 RC1:

The official start of RC 1.0 RC1 testing is delayed one day till
tomorrow, 10th oct. 2006. The reason for the delay are problems we've
had with RSE 1.0 RC1 build from Friday. The build has been fixed but not
sanity tested at all. Martin can access his computer only occasionally
as he is on vacation.

Testers: This round of testing should be focused on feature completeness
and robustness. Martin created a new TWiki page
( for this
round of testing. Please check the assigned systems and features.

PS: I've updated my local test installation to RSE 1.0 RC1, Eclipse
3.2.1, CDT 3.1.1 and run a very basic sanity test (remote connection to
linux, ssh for files and shell, dstore (daemon) for processes). The test
run through, I haven't seen any quick obvious problem.

On behalf of Martin Oberhuber.

Best regards,
Uwe Stieber
Member of Technical Staff
Engineering - Wind River Systems - Austria
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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