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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE 1.0 RC1 testing - Test start moved one day

Hi all,

Martin Oberhuber asked me to pass this message to all assigned testers
of RSE 1.0 RC1:

The official start of RC 1.0 RC1 testing is delayed one day till
tomorrow, 10th oct. 2006. The reason for the delay are problems we've
had with RSE 1.0 RC1 build from Friday. The build has been fixed but not
sanity tested at all. Martin can access his computer only occasionally
as he is on vacation.

Testers: This round of testing should be focused on feature completeness
and robustness. Martin created a new TWiki page
( for this
round of testing. Please check the assigned systems and features.

PS: I've updated my local test installation to RSE 1.0 RC1, Eclipse
3.2.1, CDT 3.1.1 and run a very basic sanity test (remote connection to
linux, ssh for files and shell, dstore (daemon) for processes). The test
run through, I haven't seen any quick obvious problem.

On behalf of Martin Oberhuber.

Best regards,
Uwe Stieber
Member of Technical Staff
Engineering - Wind River Systems - Austria

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