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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] How to generate the javadoc from latest CVSversions?

Hi Martin, 

> Uwe - I'm not sure why exactly "Export" doesnt work for you. 
> If you are 
> interested and you like Ant, it might be good to find the problem and 
> make it work. For testing, you can select the plugin.xml of doc.isv, 
> choose PDE Tools > Generate Ant Build File, then select the build.xml 
> and do Run As > Ant.

I've arranged myself currently using the link David D. provided below.
For the moment it is enough to have. However, it might become a issue
again if we are really depending on API changes in example somewhen on
the way to RSE 2.0 for a functionality we need to integrate the
Workbench TM. However, it is not blocking development at all, usually
integrators are working against milestones, very seldom against latest
CVS. My case just was that I do have all the plugins imported from CVS
and I have looked through them and found doc.isv. Good place to start I
thought, I have to read documentation anyway, so just let generate the
doc, a ANT file seems to be there. That's how it come to my question
here. I've selected buildDOC.xml -> run as ant. I haven't tried "Export
as deployable pluging" yet. I'll try next. If I should still have
problems, it can wait till you are back to office.
> 2.) ISV Doc only download
> Note that the ISV Docs makes up most of the download size of the RSE 
> SDK. People working on CVS are a somewhat special use case - I dont 
> think it makes sense to provide a special feature just for them. They 
> can download and install the SDK, then delete or deactivate 
> plugins they 
> dont need or like.

If the above (Export as deployable plugin) is working, just drop that
BTW, there is not link to the current milestone documentation
( on the target management
homepage (eclipse have linked the platform docu from the platform
homepage i.e.) neither under "Developer Documents". Would be easier for
possible integrators to find it if we provide a shortcut to the docu
from the dsdp/tm home page, wouldn't it?

Cheers, Uwe

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