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[dsdp-tm-dev] FYI: Migration of Wind River Workbench Target Manager to be based on RSE

Hi all,
As our current product release Workbench 2.6 reached beta state, we are
going to start the migration of the Workbench Target Manager, to be
based on RSE, actively and effectively this week. As the integration of
RSE into Workbench will be my task and responsibility, you'll most
likely will see my name appearing more often here asking dumb questions
:). Sorry for that in advance ... I'll "torture" Martin Oberhuber with
the really dumb ones of course before hand. 

Some of you may have seen my name already here and then (by getting a
few defects from the R1.0 testing in example having my name as submitter
;)), but as my focus is on the product version of the target manager,
I've stayed mostly quiet till now. The quiet time is over and I'll start
to support Martin O. more visibly from the Wind River side of this

Best regards 
Uwe Stieber
Member of Technical Staff
Engineering - Wind River Gmbh - Austria
office: +43 662 457915 0

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