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[dsdp-tm-dev] Important Bugzilla cleanup requested

Dear committers,

Tomorrow I'll have to create the final bugzilla statistics that go into our release review slides.
Therefore I'd like bugzilla to be somewhat cleaned up, such that we get accurate counts.

Can you please look at the following bugs:
DaveD, DaveM: You lowered priortiy in order to indicate deferring a bug.
In accordings with our bugzilla guidelines documented at please change this:
Please change the priority to something really indicating a priority, and set the status to RESOLVED, Resolution = LATER for issues to be addressed past 1.0 or set the target milestone if you want to address it before 1.0.
DaveD: Is the Mapping RSE7->openRSE really P2? For the Open Source community this is not relevant. Please degrade if you agree.

Kushal: Any status update on your 3 assigned P2 bugs: 139207, 143462, 147548 ?
DaveM: Any status update on 150265, 153652 ?

There were also a couple of bugs that you could not reproduce any more: 148981, 153446 . I'm going to verify these.


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