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[dsdp-tm-dev] Target Management / RSE Testing

Hi all,

I wanted to make it crystal clear again after yesterday's call
that we'll really need RSE testers from everywhere in the TM

The more people sign up for testing, the better it will be
for each of us:
  * less work for everyone (2 hours should be affordable!)
  * better coverage, better quality
  * bugs found earlier, fixes are cheaper
  * Make sure we find the bugs that are relevant for YOU

I have started a Test Matrix on

In order to disctribute the various testing efforts evenly,
I have signed up each of you on that table already. Please
don't take that personal -- I have dared to sign up everyone
who was at the call yesterday, including project leads and
people only loosely attached to TM. I have signed up 
contributors with a 2-hour test effort and committers with 
a 4-hour test effort for now.

YOU ARE FREE TO MODIFY THE TABLE, take yourself out, reduce
the contribution to 0-hour or whatever. But PLEASE DO have 
a look at the table and either put your "ok" to the signup,
modify the signup or remove it. And once you have made a
commitment, please take it seriously. That's curcial for planning --
better don't commit for anything if you are 
not sure you can take it. 

I hope that a 2-hour commitment is possible for everybody.
Thanks for your help planning the testing effort!

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member 

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