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[dsdp-tm-dev] Member Committer Questionnaire

Hi Ted,

Congratulations again for becoming TM committer.

Since you are committer on DD already, I'm not sure if you'll have to fill
in the Committer Questionnaire again for your TM committership or not
-- but it's not a very long form, so just to be sure could you go ahead
and fill it in?

I'm sure you know about all the committer duties and rights already.
For the TM project specifically, I have set up a few hints and guidelines
that we are trying to follow. These are meant to help in following the
general Eclipse Guidelines, and to help in making the TM project
operation smooth.

All the TM Developer Resources are at
Specifically, look at the Committer HOWTO (Top right corner).

If you are not yet subscribed to dsdp-tm-dev, please do so now. Part of
your duties will be to follow the discussions and take part in voting.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask me, the dsdp-pmc or the EMO
at any time. I'm very much looking forward to your contributions.


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