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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: RSE Compiler Warnings

Martin -

Excellent advice. Its a policy I've been following for some time and
encouraging the other team members to follow as well. Thanks for all the
cleanup! Unless you do it right away, it always falls to the very end.
David Dykstal

             <Martin.Oberhuber                                          To 
   >           David Dykstal/Rochester/IBM@IBMUS,  
                                       "David McKnight"                    
             08/25/2006 11:44          <dmcknigh@xxxxxxxxxx>, "Kushal      
             AM                        Munir" <kmunir@xxxxxxxxxx>          
                                       "Target Management developer        
                                       RSE Compiler Warnings               


I've been spending most of the day today, cleaning up
some compiler warnings in RSE that I considered safe
and easy to do. I think this is an important step towards
release quality, and I'd like to bring the number of
warnings further down.

As you continue to work towards M5, please take all
compiler warnings seriously and try to fix them in
any files that you touch.

I recommend using the following compiler warning Preferences
(Order taken from Eclipse 3.3M1 Preferences screen):
* Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings
  - Code style:
  - Potential Programming Problems:
      Warn all
  - Name shadowing and conflicts
  - Deprecated and restricted API
  - Unnecessary code
* Java > Compiler > Javadoc
  - Enable Process Javadoc comments

When fixing Javadoc warnings, use the help that PDE gives
you: E.g. Ctrl+1 for quickfix to add missing tags, content
assist to complete @see and @link tags.

Be CAREFUL when fixing the Compiler warnings, and better
think twice before making a change just to get rid of a
warning. Some warnings may be there without proper reason.
Note that I think I have fixed already most of the simple
ones, so the remaining ones may be less than trivial.

Also, please DO NOT go and chase down warnings on purpose
yet. All I want you to do for now, is get rid of THOSE
WARNINGS ONLY that are in a file that you ARE EDITING ANYWAYS.
Especially, if you feel disturbed by too many Javadoc warnings,
disable the "Missing Javadoc Tags" warning.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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