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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE Refactorings

Hello Dave's,

I would like to perform the following refactorings:

1. Rename Extension Point 
      "subsystemconfiguration" --> "subSystemConfigurations"
   Rationale: Be more in-line with Platform names

2. Rename Extension Point Elements of "subSystemConfigurations"
      "class"       --> "factoryClass"       (required)
      "systemClass" --> "connectorService"   (optional)
   Rationale: unify naming, and allow for further extension
   with e.g. serviceClass attribute or "class" attribute
   for an actual ISubSystemConfiguration.

3. Rename Classes and Interfaces
      *SubSystemConfiguration* --> *SubSystemFactory*
   Rationale: the SubSystemFactory is essentially a factory,
   since its main task is to create ISubSystem objects. Also,
   current RSE Documentation refers to "factories" in an 
   endless number of places.

4. Move extension point documentation from plugin.xml
   into the *.exsd schema

5. Replace text matches in comments
      ISystem --> IConnectorService

We can think about adding more attributes to the 
"subSystemConfigurations" extension point later,
allowing for a split between SubSystemFactory and
SubSystemConfiguration if desired. 

This would essentially mean adding a new type
ISubSystemConfiguration that would refer to 
existing SubSystemFactories, in order to allow
better re-use of SubSystemFactories for work in 
different configurations (services, connectorservices,

Would you agree with these refactorings?

Martin Oberhuber
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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