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[dsdp-pmc] Restructuring/Termination Review declared successful

I have declared the review successful.

The next step is to create appropriate Bugzillas to track the necessary
changes. This should be relatively easy as the review document already
includes this information. I will create the bugzillas for the top level
and each of the terminations. If the designated responsible individual
for each of the moves could do the same, I'd appreciate it. Let me know
if you cannot.

Bugs should be created under your project's bugzilla product.

Eric: for Sequoyah, please indicate that the new bug blocks 324899 and

Dave: for RTSC, please indicate that the new bug blocks 325890 and 326575.

Martin: for TM, please indicate that the new bug blocks 325892 and
326575. Martin, I will send you a separate note with a link to the NPPR
for tools.cdt.tcf. Note that the initial committer list has to match the
list provided in the review document.

All, please make sure that emo@xxxxxxxxxxx, sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxx,
and webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx are copied on these bugs.

Please let me know via this list when you've created the bugs.



Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
Join me at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010!

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