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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Re: Voting ends for Eclipse Sequoyah on Helios train


Looks like we missed that one of Doug's responsibilities.

Volunteers for representing DSDP on the Planning Council,
Please step forward!

I could take the job if the PMC wants me to, provided that
somebody else agrees to be DSDP backup rep on the architecture
council as per my previous request (for the case that 
meetings collide). Of course a backup rep for the PC would
be good too.


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Foundation DB thinks it's Doug Gaff. It looks like the PMC is going to
have to nominate someone.


David M Williams wrote:
> Thanks Eric. I guess my first question is who is the DSDP PMC 
> representative to the Planning Council? Did I miss that memo?  Do you 
> (the PMC) still need to decide that? Is it you?
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> Date: 	01/27/2010 12:50 PM
> Subject: 	Voting ends for Eclipse Sequoyah on Helios train
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> Hello everyone,
> After a week, there are 3 yes votes, besides my own, for the Sequoyah 
> project request to be on the Eclipse Helios train. Unless there is a 
> dissenting voice, I'm declaring the motion passed.
> +1 Martin Oberhuber
> +1 Doug Gaff
> +1 Christian Kurzke
> +1 Eric Cloninger
> Not voting
> Dave Russo
> Shigeki Moride
> Wayne Parrott
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> Project Lead
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