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RE: [dsdp-pmc] FW: Be sure to stay on the Helios train ...

TML will not be on the Helios train because we are transitioning to
"TFM".  "TFM" will be on the Helios Train.


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Hi folks,

Who's planning to be on the next train?

M1 is usually a non-event, but hopefully you're all monitoring


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Hopefully everyone has seen our Helios schedule. 

Here's two important dates: 

Release: 6/23/2010 (fourth Wednesday of June). 

Milestone 1: 8/7 to 8/21 completion window. That's right ... we're
halfway through completing M1!

Part of the spirit of our yearly Simultaneous Release Train is that we
chug along at the same speed, not only that we all arrive at the same 
place at the same time, at the end. 

Thus, I'm assuming we are all able and willing to keep the Simultaneous 
Milestones going, starting with M1 -- for the first time ever!
there may be some new projects that join later, but anyone that was in
Galileo Release, should have no trouble keeping the coal burning. The 
process is nearly identical. 

The new project to find your .build files is (same cvs repository)

I seeded the files there with whatever was in 
(as of a few days ago). I changed most occurrences of 'galileo' to 
'helios' and it seems to build fine ... but, it needs current input from

everyone, especially as you produce your M1 deliverables. 

I'll turn on "fail mail" this afternoon, so don't be surprised if you 
start getting notices from hundsonbuild: helios. 

This early start will hopefully lead to improved release engineering, 
improved testing, and more time to deal with issue of substance, instead

of just "how to build". 

The Planning Council (with representatives from PMCs and Strategic 
members) will still be working on evaluation criteria and general 
processes over the next few months, but there's nothing that should hold

up getting builds going. 

So please update your milestone files as soon as possible and ... as 
always ... let me know if questions or issues. 

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