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[dsdp-pmc] TmL bi-weekly Open Meeting minutes posted

I would like to thank everyone for attending and my apologies for
messing up the time zone calculations.  The meeting minutes are posted
and available for review.  Everyone's comments have been incorporated
into the slideware, which I will forward on to the Foundation to begin
the review process.  From this point forward, please make comments on
the proposal in the TmL mailing list (dsdp-tml-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx). (Minutes)
21.pdf (Corrected slides)

The next meeting will be August 10 at *1700* UTC, which I hope is 1400
in Brazil, 1 pm ET, and 10am PT.


Eric Cloninger
Sr. Product Manager, MOTODEV Studio
Eclipse DSDP/TmL Project Lead 

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