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Re: [dsdp-pmc] Renaming feature: "Target Management Terminal"

For the described scope, I prefer the name "Terminal Emulator View".
- not sure it is necessary to add either "ANSI" or "serial" to the name.


Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
Hi all,
I've just installed "all of Galileo" into Eclipse, and I noticed that the feature name

    * Target Management Terminal

is a bit confusing for end users. I know that this feature is being used also by people who are not interested in target management or device software development, since it's just an ANSI Terminal Emulator view that you can use for any kind of connections
(telnet, ssh, serial come out of the box with the feature).
I should also mention that the same terminal emulator is also available as part of the Remote System Explorer (RSE) feature. In the variant that's integrated with RSE, you need to define an RSE connection before you can use it. Telnet and SSH work through RSE, but the "Serial" connection kind only works in the stand-alone
terminal feature.
Here are some ideas for a more generic name:

    * ANSI Terminal
    * ANSI Terminal Emulator
    * Terminal View
    * Terminal Emulator View
    * Serial Terminal

Any thoughts or other ideas, or is it just irrelevant and I should keep it as-is? Cheers,
*Martin Oberhuber*, Senior Member of Technical Staff, *Wind River*
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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