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[dsdp-pmc] [CQ 2996] Create tools for diagnosing, profiling and monitoring a Linux based system from the Eclipse IDE.

--- Comment #8 from Fabio Fantato <wfr004@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  2009-01-27 09:41:11 ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I'm confused. If a committer is the sole author of this, there shouldn't be a
> need for a CQ?
> In terms of functionality, are you aware of the linuxtools Eclipse project? 
> They integrate with valgrind and oprofile.


  This contribution was entire developed by the committer, but it is a large
code (contains more than 250 lines). I am checking with the current version of
the poster and I saw it does not require CQ for this case. I don´t know if I
was using an old version. I this is not required I will withdraw it.

   Regarding the functionality we will look it. Thanks for remember that. The
current code in TmL has a scope discussed in PMC a long time ago, but we don´t
include it because we have to run a similar internal process to deliver a
contribution in the first time and this process was concluded in the last


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