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[dsdp-pmc] TCF agent for windows: "works with" dependency for dbghelp.dll

Dear PMC,
as per the new Eclipse 3rd Party Depencencies process [1]the TM project needs to document an external dependency from the plain C TCF agent to Microsoft "dbghelp.dll".
dbghelp.dll is a part of Microsoft Windows, but the version that's on the OS out of the box is buggy. For the debugger to work properly at runtime, users need to go to microsoft and download the newer version (for free). The DLL is marked as "redistributable", but none the less the Eclipse Legal Team has found sections in the license that prohibit us from redistributing it directly with the downloads (see CQ 2553 [1]). Thus we request now to document it as 3rd party dependency, which basically means that products that want to use the TCF exemplary windows agent would have to bundle the microsoft dbghelp.dll.
Since the dbghelp.dll that we need is just a version update, the TCF agent can build without the external download, it can even run without the external download (though crippled), and on platforms other than Windows the download certainly isn't needed. I think that this clearly qualifies the dbghelp.dll as a "works-with" dependency.
As per the 3rd party dependencies process, the DSDP PMC now needs to discuss this publicly and agree that it is indeed a "works-with" dependency. Please read the process [1] for more information about how "works-with" is defined, then respond here on the mailing list with your +1 or -1 or comments or questions.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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