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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Please Vote: TmL 0.2 Release Review

Hi Pawel,

I just put the URLs for nearly all the referenced links in plain text in
the document and it's now available for review.  The only omissions are
multiple bugzilla entries on the same slide... I did the first one and
I'm assuming that our PMC members would know how to retrieve a bug #.

As for the End of Life slide, since we are releasing TmL 0.2, I assumed
that slide is for our ramp-down policy of the previous version.  Is that
not the case?



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+1 From Pawel
The only think I was confused by, is why the End of Life slide mentions
Ramp Down Policy for 0.1 release.  Is it a typo?

P.S. The hyperlinks still don't work for me, but I think it really is
the fault of my viewer (Evince on Linux).

> Hello PMC,
> I would like to announce that the Tools for mobile Linux (TmL) project

> is ready for release review.  This release will be labeled 0.2 and 
> will be our second since being incubated in December 2006.  Code was 
> frozen last Wednesday and is labeled appropriately in CVS.  Slides in 
> support of the release are available in PDF form on the TmL web site 
> at 
> If you encounter problems with the PDF, the zip file with the 
> PowerPoint originals is located at 
> .z
> ip
> I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have on 
> the release.
> Please vote in favor of this release after you've reviewed our 
> materials so that we can continue the review process.
> Thank you
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