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[dsdp-pmc] Re: PMC approval for DSDP-DD 1.1 Release

Hi Anne,
I initiated the vote on the 1st, and there is one PMC member that hasn't voted yet. So I'll CC you on the final tally on Monday or when Mark casts his vote.


Vote status:

+1 Pawel Piech
+1 Doug Gaff
+1 Shigeki Moride
+1 Christian Kurzke
+1 Martin Oberhuber
+1 Eric Cloninger
? Mark Rogalski

Anne Jacko wrote:
Hi Pawel,

I think you said you were going to get PMC approval for the 1.1 Release Review? I've added you to the schedule for Dec. 23, so it would be good if you could get that to me soon. Thanks.

Thank You.

Anne Jacko

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