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[dsdp-pmc] Reminder: Please Vote on CQ 2761 and CQ 2762

Hello PMC,

Just a friendly reminder to cast your vote for those 2 CQ's.
See Below for the details on them.

Here's a tally of the current votes:

PMC Member
CQ 2769 :   
JM Unit Library
CQ 2762 : 
JmeUnit Plugin
Doug Gaff
Pawel Piech

Shigeki Moride

Christian Kurzke
Mark Rogalski

Martin Oberhuber
Eric Cloninger

Dave Russo

When responding, please indicate your "+1" for BOTH CQ's.



Christian Kurzke wrote:

More Info:

We received a contribution to MTJ from Nokia via Bugzilla.
The contribution was created by Nokia, is submitted under the terms of the EPL.

This contribution provides a "JUnit" like feature for JavaME developers, using a Apache 2 licensed open source library.

The code for the plugin itself is covered by CQ 2762 :
The supporting Library is covered by CQ 2769    :

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