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[dsdp-pmc] MOTODEV Studio(s) released this week

Hello fellow PMC members,
I wanted to mention this in the call, but we ran out of time.  Next time, Doug, maybe you should start in reverse alpha order and start with the committee vote on Christian's middle name. :-)
On Tuesday this week, Motorola released 2 previews of MOTODEV Studio for Linux and MOTODEV Studio for WebUI (i.e WebKit).  Both of these releases are based on Eclipse Europa and utilize the TmL project (among others). The releases are previews because there are no handsets available for external use at this moment, so only emulator debugging is possible. Lori Fraleigh and I demonstrated the tools yesterday during Linux World to a packed room.  The tools can be downloaded for free by signing up for an account at
A nice write-up was done by Linux Devices this week...
Thank you all for your support and contributions through your various DSDP (+ CDT) projects.

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