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Re: [dsdp-pmc] FW: Project success metric

I would love to have this kind of information. Problem is that community adopters of the projects very rarely talk about who they work for and what they are doing. When I've asked for Eclipse's help to determine who is downloading eRCP, this information was generally thought to be private. So in that case, I think divulging any info that has not been explicitly revealed by community members might not be a good idea.


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05/22/2008 08:41 PM

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[dsdp-pmc] FW: Project success metric

Hi folks,
See below. Can I get a list of commercial products / companies that use the technology from each of the DSDP projects? This is probably good information to gather periodically anyway, but in this case itâs for a study.
Thanks in advance,
From: Heather (Hiba) Enayat [mailto:hiba.enayat@xxxxxxxxx]
Thursday, May 22, 2008 8:19 PM
Gaff, Doug
Project success metric


Dear Doug,
I am wrting to you as a follow-up of a discussion with Bjorn Freeman.

I am a graduate student at Carleton University, enrolled in the Technology Innovation Management program. My thesis is on the topic of "Open source project diversity and success" and will be based on data from Eclipse. My supervisor is prof. Stoyan Tanev (tanev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, cell 613-291-3105).
In my study I need to define project success and need to ask you one question. Please answer it at your convenience.

- Do you know how many commercial parties have adopted the software developed within the scope of the activities of your project, and if possible, can you list them?
Your response will be critical for the finalization of my study as well as for its potential value for Eclipse.
Thank you very much advance.
Kind regards,


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