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[dsdp-pmc] PMC Meeting: Minutes and Actions

HI folks,


I’ve updated the minutes from the meeting.


Christian and Shigeki: feel free to update the Wiki with a project update if you’d like.




All: Review revised development process: bug 220871 Dev Process Link

All: Review standard project plan format discussion bug 215301


Mark: Please take a look at Martin's bug. bug 168197

Mark: please organize a call with Ed Cobb, Doug Gaff, Jeff McAfer to discuss board vote on standardization.

Mark: please check in with Philippe on approval for P3ML in eRCP.

Mark: follow up with Sprint and Prosyst on EPL redistribution requirements as discussed on PMC call.


Doug: follow up with Shigeki about going to 1.0.


Dave: organize an open technical call to follow up on technical questions from the creation review.

Dave: follow up with TI on EPL and run-time components of RTSC as discussed on PMC call.


Martin: circulate a separate vote for Felix Burton in parallel to TM vote.


Christian: nominate Eric as a commiter on Tml using Portal. Also circulate a vote on the PMC to make Eric the TmL lead and to add him to the PMC.


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