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RE: [dsdp-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote: Rado Gerganov, Felix Burton

> I think we said we would hold votes open for a week on the 
> PMC side and only negative votes from a PMC member would
> force further discussion.

A week is long. It's my experience on the Project votes already,
That it's hard getting everybody to vote in time, so the vote
Takes a week on the project; add another week on the PMC, and 
It's two weeks until a new committer gets elected -- two weeks
In which manual mergest might need to take place etc.

So -- Yes I agree it's a good idea to propose "parallel PMC 
Approval" to Bjorn and ask for implementing it in the Portal.

And, while this is not yet in place, may I ask all PMC members
To monitor the PMC list regularly and cast their votes early.
A single non-voter causes the entire vote to be held off until
The week is complete, and that's an undesireable event.


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