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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Rebooting the MTJ project

Yeah, I'm fuzzy on the process here, too.  The project is being
restarted with new leadership.  There have been a couple of meetings,
and the EMO has been involved.

Mika/Nokia will no longer be leading the project.  So we're treating it
like a new project creation, with a new list of initial committers.
Kevin and Arto will be staying on as committers, and we intend to a
couple of folks from Motorola.

Bjorn is on a plane today, but I'll try to hook up with him when he's


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> So you need PMC approval that Christian and yourself may be
> committers on MTJ? I'm basically ok with that, but I guess I'd
> like to see a public comment on that procedure from at least one
> of the current MTJ folks (Mika, Rauno, Kevin?) before I cast
> my vote.
> Usually, committers are proposed by the project in question,
> so they should at least have a chance to comment on the new
> procedure.
> Cheers,
> Martin
> Gaff, Doug schrieb:
> >
> > Additionally, I need to nominate myself and Christian as committers
> on
> > MTJ. (Seems like I should be there by default, but according to the
> > portal I'm not.) Since we don't have portal access to the project,
> I'm
> > doing this the old fashioned way and emailing the PMC.
> >
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