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[dsdp-pmc] Re: the portal and election approval by the PMC

DSDP PMC Members,
I noticed the discussion about the portal and the PMC approving elections. I would like the portal to support the behavior you'd like, so I/we are willing to change the portal to require full PMC votes for DSDP _however_ please be careful of what you ask for:
  • What if a PMC member is on vacation? Does this delay the approval until they return to vote?
  • Is there a time limit for PMC votes? You'll find that most committer elections run to the full time limit of a week because at least one committer doesn't bother to vote, so if you do the same for PMC votes, you'll be adding another week to each election.
  • Etc.
Perhaps what you'd like is "any single PMC member can approve an election *except* the PMC member who is on the sub-project of the election?"

And, as to the confusion of titles, we're open to ideas. We chose the same title for the interface panels because we felt that each of the panels was about the same thing: the committer election of person X. But if there's a better idea, let us know (best to submit a bug against the portal).  Note: you can see the whole committer election workflow here: https://dev.eclipse.org/portal/myfoundation/tests/swim.php?file=finished/committer_election.txt

- Bjorn

Yeah, for some reason, it only takes one PMC member to approve committer votes on the portal. Although with the Tools PMC, it’s likely we’d only get one vote anyway ;).


We should probably ask the EMO to fix this and allow for real PMC votes.