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RE: [dsdp-pmc] EclipseWorld 2007 and the eRCP talk

So true. Itâs why the project is called âdevice softwareâ instead of embedded.


Itâs funny how all other conferences (including some obscure ones) beg for DSDP representation. I donât claim to know who bzmedia is really trying to reach, though.


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The question to ask people is not, "Are you involved in embedded programming?"  That is a fairly specialized field. Of course, only a small percentage of people will respond "yes". At an enterprise oriented conference, the better question is, "Are you interested in making your enterprise applications run on mobile phones?" Now you've got a potential audience of everyone with a mobile phone and a job.

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[dsdp-pmc] EclipseWorld 2007 and the eRCP talk


Mark:  hereâs what I found out.  I guess EclipseWorld isnât interested in embedded or mobile software.
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Thursday, May 24, 2007 5:01 PM
Gaff, Doug
RE: EclipseWorld 2007

Since only 12% of the audience is involved in embedded programming, and our conference is focused on the enterprise, the conference chairs elected to go with more enterprise-oriented subject matter.
Sorry that I falsely encouraged you. I did hear that Eclipse was a pretty hot subject at the Embedded Systems Conference this year.


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Thursday, May 24, 2007 10:05 AM
Donna Esposito
RE: EclipseWorld 2007

Hi Donna,
We had a DSDP PMC call today.  I understand that the eRCP talk given last year at EclipseWorld was rejected for this yearâs program.
Any chance you could tell me why?  I was really pushing the PMC to have at least one talk at EclipseWorld.
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