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[dsdp-pmc] FW: FAQ on groups and permissions

Hi folks,

I thought you might find this useful.  It does mirror what Martin has
said but it adds some information about committer-exclusion on some
projects that I didn't know.


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Hi Doug,

The unix groups are essentially webmaster tools to manage commit rights 
to CVS repositories and to the downloads area.

For each project (Eclipse-Foundation-sanctioned project, such as DD, 
Mylar, CDT, etc) we typically create three groups:

project-dev: the group of accounts that can commit to the project's code

project-home: the group of accounts that can commit to the project'ss 
projectadmin: those who can store files in the downloads area.

Essentially, some of the dsdp sub-projects aren't following this 
convention, but that is our (webmaster) fault, not yours.

For some projects, having all committers in one group with commit rights

across the entire project is not adequate where some committers must be 
limited to a specific set of modules.  In those cases, we create 
project-module groups that allow specific committers to only commit to 
that portion of CVS.  So in the case os ipxact, I can either assign it 
to dsdp-dd-dev (all the DSDP committers) or I can create a new group 
called dsdp-dd-ipxact and only place the specific committers in the 
group, thus restricting access to all the other DD modules.

Does this help?  We don't have an FAQ anywhere, but I'll add what I just

typed to Committer Tools/How Do I?


Gaff, Doug wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> Can you give me a quick explanation of what unix groups are typically 
> created for projects and how they are used?  Can you also explain how 
> you setup permissions for packages?  Is this also done with groups?
> finding myself confused about how this works.  I'm also not sure which

> groups I have for DD.  I only know about dsdp-ddadmin and
> Is there an FAQ explaining this somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Doug


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