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[dsdp-pmc] Subversion


In case you haven't been following this Bug, Subversion is showing up.
Dennis just emailed the committers about it.

Would you like me to go ahead and request an SVN repository for DSDP,
even if we don't all plan to migrate to it anytime soon? 

I might like to play around in a SVN sandbox to check it out.


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Cool.  So I'll close this as fixed.  Here's a summary:

- we'll provide SVN over SSH for committers, and SVN over svnserve for

- we won't provide SVN over http[s] initialy because there is no support
our OS/architecture and we cowardly don't want to mess with our Apache

- we'll investigate using http[s] at a later date if SuSE provide ia64

- we'll create one SVN repo for each top-level project when one project
requests SVN support. Subsequent projects in the same top-level will be
to SVN as projects, not independent repositories

- we'll help projects migrate to SVN by using cvs2svn

- I'll post an announcement to all our committers, advising that SVN
repositories are available.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, and for helping us get this set up
(somewhat) correctly.

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