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[dsdp-pmc] I am working on


I am currently working on the terminal view Wind River has contributed:

I started some massive refactoring on the terminal view. The major
goal is to separate the view from the connection contributions. The
work is not completed. I think it will take a few more days of work.
I created a bugzilla entry for further discussions:

I added the terminal related bugs to TargetManagement/Core
using the following prefix in the bug summary: "[terminal]"
Maybe we should create a Terminal component under DSDP in 

I'm also not sure if TM is the right place for the terminal. 
I think is should be independent of TM. Instead TM should use
is (see also bug 165177). In any case, it should be possible
to use the terminal without any other TM plugins.

I have not (yet) checked in my changes, because I am not sure
if the changes destabilize the terminal. If nobody has a problem 
with a potentially unstable terminal at the moment, I can
check my changes in.....


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