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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Next PMC meeting

Hi folks,


I checked with Christian, and he’s ok with the time, so we’ll go with this slot tomorrow.  Shigeki…if this is too late for you, my apologies.


I will put the agenda together this evening and send it around.




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Hi folks,


Our monthly PMC call is coming up on Thursday.  There’s a lot of follow up on, since we skipped last month because of the Eclipse Summit. 


Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended in the US and Europe, it is very difficult to pick a time that is convenient.  Here’s how it looks:


This is one option, but it’s not great for Christian or Shigeki:


PT           0600

CT           0800

ET           0900

CET         1500

Finland 1600

Japan    2300


Thoughts?  We could split this up into two meetings if that’s easier.




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