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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Looking for your interest in attending a plugin-fest.

a) Definitely interested.
It would be good to know how MTJ is used by others to be able to direct MTJ to right diretion.

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Subject: [dsdp-pmc] Looking for your interest in attending a plugin-fest.
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Hi folks,


Thibaut Rouffineau from Symbian is proposing to host a plugin-fest that will be open to the public and will allow vendors in the embedded / mobile  / device software space to come together and test the integration of their commercial projects.


Can _each_ of you respond with your level of interest in such a meeting?  The details are attached.  I am meeting again with the Foundation and Symbian Tuesday, so I need a pretty quick response.  Possible answers:


a)      Definitely interested

b)      Somewhat interested

c)       Not interested


The Foundation doesn’t like the idea of requiring NDA’s for the plug-in fest.  We are working with Symbian to see if we can remove this requirement.  Please also comment:


d)      An NDA isn’t a problem

e)      An NDA would delay/stop me from attending


Thanks, Doug


From: Thibaut Rouffineau [mailto:thibaut.rouffineau@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2006 10:21 AM
To: Ian Skerrett
Cc: rday@xxxxxxxx; Gaff, Doug; 'Doug Schaefer'; 'Lynn Gayowski'
Subject: Re: Plugfest meeting


As promised.
A cleaned up version of the pluginfest proposal, for sharing with friends and family :D

Ian Skerrett wrote:

Thanks for the call today.  I think it was very productive.    



To confirm our next call will be October 17 at 700:amPT/10:00amET/3:00pmBT.  WE can use my call-in number again. 




Passcode: 880932



Ian Skerrett

Director of Marketing

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Tel: 613-224-9461  ext. 227

Fax: 613-224-5172








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