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Re: [dsdp-pmc] [IPZilla CQ:1004]: Terminal View Version: < 1.0

+1 of course that we want something like rxtx to support serial terminals from Eclipse. This might be needed by several other projects too. Legal will need to sort out the
details of licensing and compatibility with the EPL.

Just 2 more remarks:

- In case there are problems with the license, it might be an option to not bundle rxtx and redistribute it from, but rather grab it from its original server at "runtime" through a service like buckminster. In other words, our code would be prepared for rxtx, but we would not redistribute it ourselves. The preferred solution, however, would
 be to redistribute it if we can sort out the licenses.

- On the rxtx porting page, I see that rxtx has also been ported to Linux, Solaris, Apple
 and others:
I think it would be better to use rxtx on ALL platforms, instead of relying on Sun for some and rxtx for others. First of all, the code will be easier to maintain if there are not two alternatives; second, the Sun solution is problematic because it requires a VM extension. In other words, you cannot just download some code with serial access and execute it without "patching" the VM manually. Rxtx does not require
 extending the VM.

+1 from Martin Oberhuber

Gaff, Doug schrieb:

Hello PMC,

This is our first use of IPZilla.  We need to vote on the inclusion of a
3rd party serial communications library with the Terminal View that was
recently contributed to the TM project.  This library will enable serial
port connections on Windows.  (Solaris and Linux are already supported
by Sun libraries.)  See the ipzilla link below.

+1 from Doug


-----Original Message-----
From: IPZilla [mailto:emo-ip-team@xxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 8:08 AM
To: Gaff, Doug
Subject: [IPZilla CQ:1004]: Terminal View Version: < 1.0

Ted Williams submitted a Contribution Questionnaire to IPZilla, with
third party packages:

   Terminal View Version: < 1.0

   You can view the details at the following address:

   ** You're not done yet! **    You need to attach the source code
(not binary) to all the third party packages below.

   If the file size is 20MB or less, log in to IPZilla (using your committer account) and use the attachment feature.
   If the file size exceeds 20MB, please use an SFTP or SCP client to
transfer the file to Log into
IPZilla and submit the file name in a comment.

   Once the source is attached or transferred, your PMC must approve
this package by voting +1 to the IPZilla entry. The Eclipse IP team will
NOT review your contribution until this is done.

   Related packages:
       Communications library, but see questions above.

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