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[dsdp-pmc] RE: Checkpoint review

Title: Bjorn Freeman

Hi Mika,


Checkpoint reviews are used to exit Incubation, which usually means releasing a 1.0 version.  Is that what you really intended? 


I thought you were going to release a 0.7 release first?  I don’t think you need to do any kind of review for incubation releases.  Bjorn, is that correct?





From: Bjorn Freeman-Benson [mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 9:59 PM
To: mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx; Gaff, Doug
Cc: dsdp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Checkpoint review


As MTJ is a DSDP sub-project, you'll need to coordinate that Review with the DSDP PMC. I get involved only after the PMC thinks everything is ready to go.

- Bjorn

mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Björn,


We would like to have checkpoint review for MTJ in near future.

How to proceed?


I am quessing that you will arrange it.





Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Open Source Process
Eclipse Foundation


971-327-7323 (Pacific Time)




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