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Re: [dsdp-pmc] Urgent: Please review Eclipse Summit DSDP presentation

Hi Doug,

DSDP Overview presentation:
  - Slide #3: last 2 paragraphs, better use "... builds, ...functions" instead of "...will build, ...will function"
  - Slide #5, #6: Take care of the copyrights for the logos. Best modify the copyright statement in the slide footer, like I did for the TM EclipseCon presentation on Janet's advice:
     "© 2006 Wind River Systems. All content except logos and trademarks is made available under the EPL v1.0"
    -- Note that if your contract of employment is similar to mine, the Copyright Owner is Wind River and not yourself.
 - Slide #6: I found the ordering of the logos strange at first sight since I had expected some ordering by relevance. I'd recommend adding a note to clarify, e.g. "40 committers, representing (in alphabetical order):"
- Slide #10: Nokia, TI, QNX have not really contributed to TM so far. But LANL and MontaVista  have. Please move PalmSource, Symbian and Montavista more to front, since they have contributed actual code.
- Slide #11: I don't think the WR Terminalview can be part of RSE 1.0. It will be added shortly after. Please remove from the list.
- Slide #12: TM Plan items - please change title "TM Future Plans (proposed, not yet committed)"
- Slide #25: I guess you meant "As WITH all Eclipse projects instead of as will all..."
- Last slide: It may seem obvious, but I'd recommend adding the URL

Poster Session Slides:
- Copyright notices, see above
- #6 -- see comment on #10, above
- #7 -- see comment on #11, above


Gaff, Doug schrieb:



Thanks for the great input slides for the poster session and my presentation!  I took the last DSDP update I gave and substituted much of your content in its place.  You can find the presentation here.  I have only 45 minutes to present 6 projects, so I had to cut out some of the technical detail.  FYI, Mika has a separate detailed session on MTJ and Michael Scharf has a separate slot to demo TM, so hopefully they can cover more detailed content there.


To create the poster board content, I tried to create one slide of information and one screen shot for each project.  The poster is only 1 m x 1 m, so I figure I only have 2 slides per project.  The poster board slides are here.  I still need to remove some content.


Please take a quick look at the presentation and check for content, accuracy, style, etc.  Some specific questions:


1.       All: Please check the committer company list and make sure everyone is there.

2.       All: Please check the additional companies list and add whoever else you want.  I specifically omitted some of the more inactive participants, but feel free to add as appropriate.

3.       Shigeki: do you have a  higher-resolution head shot?

4.       Shigeki: Can I get the powerpoint slides from your creation review?  I’d like update the architecture figure.

5.       Mika: can I get a slide on future functionality beyond 0.7?  I have one I’ve used in the past, but I don’t think it’s accurate.

6.       Christian: can you send me a higher-resolution headshot?


Thanks again for the help on this.  I need feedback ASAP if you want anything changed.  I will print the poster board slides on Saturday, and I am leaving on Sunday.




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Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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