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[dsdp-pmc] Eclipse Summit Europe

Hi folks,


I’ll be working on my presentation on the DSDP projects at ESE next week.  In addition to my presentation, I signed up for a poster reception on Wed evening…hoping to do some networking with folks interested in the various technologies we are producing.


So, I’d like to request your help with the poster reception.  Basically, I need a couple of decent slides from everyone advertising the capabilities of your project.  I will print them out in color and put them up on the poster.  Please take a moment to send me a couple of things you want to advertise.  If you have material from other poster sessions (EclipseCon possibly), please forward that.


Christian: from TmL, I think a couple of slides summarizing what you want to do with the project should be enough.  Maybe you can condense your proposal into some figures and a bulleted list.


Thanks in advance,




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