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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Code contribution

Title: Code contribution
It don't make much sense to me either.
The problem is that the code is owned by an other unit in Nokia which had quite negative feeling about the OSS and openess in general. They want to be careful.
This is most likely gradually changing, but it is the fact that we didn't get the source code when we tried.
I quess you are also pointing out that we should be able to do it, but in practise it just seems to take some time.
I am quite sure that we checked earlier from Janet that binaries can be delived from Eclipse, but you are saying that this is not the case?
Or do you mean that even if we delivery binary, legal check should be done for source code?

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That's the part that makes no sense to me. The license that you quoted for the binaries is a very open and flexible BSD license. If they've really put the code under that license, the source should be easily available.
Access to the source code is a prerequisite to starting the legal review.

We were not able to get source code from the other unit. At least yet.

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