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FW: [dsdp-pmc] Please vote for conducting new committer for MTJ

Committer vote is not recorded and that should be done.
I am just wondering in practise that what previous track record of contributions means in this particular context.
And context is that this person won't actually be a "real code" committer. Has not been and won't be.
It is just practical problem that for Rauno to be able to help the project in other areas like maintaining WEB pages he just needs committer rights. Although we don't see him as real committer otherwise.
So actually we are asking necessary rights for him to be able to assist project in project management type of activies but we don't know in practise other way to get those rights than ask for committer rights (which is kind of wrong thing).
So how should we proceed, as we wouldn't like to load real committers with WEB updates and stuff which somebody else could do.

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Without a committer vote and some track record of previous contributions this vote appears premature.

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+1 from Mark

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[dsdp-pmc] Please vote for conducting new committer for MTJ


Our project co-ordinator in MTJ is changing for the next release.
Petri Virtanen handled the first one but in next release of MTJ that will be done my Rauno Seppälä from Nokia.

Although he don't commit Java code, he needs committer rights to be able to work with web and such things.

Please vote to give committer rights to Rauno.

+1 from Mika.

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