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RE: [dsdp-pmc] Podcast series wit EclipseZone

Hi Mika,


Really missed you at the meeting today.  Perhaps we can hook up on the phone to go over a few of the items from the agenda (it will be faster than email).


Regarding your upcoming release.  I’d like to know more.  If your first release is 0.7, does that mean that you’re going to stay in incubation for a bit longer?  What is the planned release date?





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Basically nice, just one comment is that we are planning to release first release, BUT it will be 0.7.

We want to be carefull and have possibility change things a bit more than would be appropriate for 1.0 if need to do some changes based on feedback from our first release.





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Let’s talk about this in tomorrow’s meeting.  eRCP, TM, and MTJ are excellent candidates for this, given they are all reaching 1.0 soon.




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This summer we ran a series of 9 podcasts on EclipseZone about the different Eclipse Callisto projects.   The feedback we received from the podcast was very favourable, so we are going to do another 6 podcasts this fall.   For this series, I would like to focus on projects that are about to/ or have just shipped their 1.0 release.   Basically, try to spotlight some of the emerging projects within the Eclipse community.


The podcast format is pretty easy.  It is essentially a conversation with one of the guys from EclipseZone.   If you are interested in participating, please let myself and Lynn Gayowski know.






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