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[dsdp-pmc] Website and Newsgroup

Hi folks,


1.  Website


I updated the website with news and conference information.  I’d like to make this site a little more dynamic.  So my request to you is this:  When you make an announcement, blog something interesting about your project, plan to speak at a conference, etc., please let me know and I’ll  update the website to reflect this.  I do monitor everyone’s dev lists and newsgroups, so I’ll try to catch stuff, but sometimes I’m going to miss it.  Also, feel free to announce open source contributions from your companies here.


Mark:  I believe you’re speaking at an upcoming conference.  Do you have a link to your abstract?


Comments are welcome, of course.


2.  eclipse.dsdp Newsgroup


Similar request.  Please copy this newsgroup when you post announcements for your subprojects: releases, events, meetings, etc.  Since all of the sub-projects are independent, this newsgroup (much like the website) functions as a jumping off point for people who aren’t subscribed to any other forum.


Many thanks,



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